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“Elena and Lorenzo are two light beings that are inner teachers of the science and soul of light: a unified force that cohere the essence of love into life. They are the pioneers of now, into the future, who care and share for the quality of life of all human beings, to live as an enlightened race.”

Dr. Krishna Madappa

Researcher and educator, Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability

“When you shine your Light … You feel good, you live your desires, you realize the meaning of life: evolution. We can support with this, it is our purpose in life.”

Elena and Lorenzo Sbrinci

Elena and Lorenzo

are the founders of Cascate di Luce




a Leading-Edge Educational Center -for children and adults- that teaches to express yourself to creatively live your heart’s desires.


They have published several books on education, happiness and the Law of Attraction, inspiring thousands of people to live joyful and authentic relationships, by honoring themselves and their purpose of life.


They work as Light Coach and they use “Shine your Light” method that they have designed to facilitate the connection with the Light within, as a way to live a fulfilled life.

Cascades of Light is a source of








When you become the alchemists of your reality, you enter the magic of life and a wonderful flow of well-being flows towards you, because when you travel towards your desires, they always come to you…

Cascate di Luce gathers Beauty Ambassadors, Infinite Possibilities Enhancers, Life Enthusiasts,Trust Igniters, Creative Artists and Visionary Innovators, Wise Entrepreneurs, Leading-edge Educators and Teachers, Enlightened Leaders, Brilliant Thinkers, Appreciation Nurturers, Joy Magicians, Modern Alchemists, Nature Lovers, Source Alignment Masters, Truth Seekers, Natural Up lifters,Dream’s Believers, Vibrational Change Makers, Conscious Healers, Freedom Followers, Playful Souls and all loving and inspired beings who’s intent is to shine their Light by expressing their colors and living their desires.


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