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A great commitment for an amazing project!

Our story …

We met in 2006 and immediately shared our desire to discover life. We have being researching individually long before we met and, together, we enrolled in several programs as well. From Channeling to the Journey with B.Bays, from Chronogenetics to the Shamanic Way, from the Mastery in the U.S.A. with A.Robbins to many other philosophies.

We have deepened our studies in various parts of the world with  leading edge training, meeting some of the most extraordinary personalities of our time, including Esther and Jerry Hicks -from the Teachings of Abraham- personally known in Alaska.

Our work is to instill trust in children and adults, so that they can listen to themselves and their inner guidance system that -like a compass- when well set will guide them towards their desires, and consequent evolution of their life. This is the journey we’ve done too, dealing with difficulties, self-doubts and fears and learning to listen to our inspiration more and more.

Listening to our inner wisdom, we’ve opened up to wonderful life experiences, traveled the world, lived where we wanted to, wrote our books in a state of pure joy and inspired thousand of people by facilitating private sessions, teaching courses and lecturing at conferences.

Dr.Elena Puntaroli and Lorenzo Sbrinci are authors and inspirational speakers, founders of  Cascate di Luce -Cascades of Light- a leading-edge educational center that teaches joy, freedom, love and creativity, to live with clarity and confidence the relationship with yourself, your kids, your partner, your job, your spirituality … your whole life!

Elena and Lorenzo have designed Shine your Light, a solar and innovative method to inspire a rich and joyous life by remembering that everything is possible. Shine your Light offers a crystalline and innovative vision on emotions, way of thinking, relationships and purpose of life: a wonderful way to discover yourself and your infinite possibilities, by reminding you that you are here to be you, which means … Shine your Light.


We got married in July 2009 with a spiritual ceremony, personally designed in nature, which has been the turning point of our research and life. Since then, there have been an intense, extraordinary and non-stop creation which has culminated in our books and method the “Teachings of Light”.

A Light that symbolizes confidence, love, joy, freedom, clarity and well being. It is a Light to shine, as it enlighten your life and the life of others.

Our gift is to empower every person, situation and relationship with this Light, to help co-create a life full of love and happiness.

We live a life full of adventure and love and our passion is to teach -to those who feel attracted by our teachings- how to connect with your Inner Being or Soul to co-create and color the life you are meant to live.

Curiosity …

Elena graduated in Psychology at the University of Florence, Italy, in 2002 and she got her licence to practice as psychologist in 2003. Then she enrolled in a quadrennial specialization in body therapy, Core Energetics. Since Elena is a very curious soul, she has researched most of her life: Naturopathy, Shiatsu, Lightwork and Regressive Therapy, E.F.T., Psych-K, Counselling, the Secrets of life and death, Quantum Powers with J.Huston, Angel Therapy with D.Virtue and so on. She has studied at the Esalen Institute in California, and she got scholarships in Spain and France. Elena loves to be in nature and adore the company of her pets Luna and Safira. She is a great traveler: she started at the age of 17  -in Brasil- as she wanted to became a missioner. She enjoys discovering new places on this beautiful Planet, as well as Within.

Lorenzo has a diploma in community education and he studied at the  A.L.A.R.O. school of Pranic Healing, Florence, Italy. He studied several kinds of massage: Californian, Lymphatic, Ayurveda and Kashmir. Lorenzo has developed his own special massage, “Soul Touch”, which is not only a massage style, but a way of being and feeling. Lorenzo has a poetical look on existence, a passion for music and a great talent for cinema and theater. He played several roles as an actor and in particular he played Lorenzo in the pièce “Lorenzo and his Soul” and himself in “Anelito live”. Lorenzo enjoys having time to meditate and contemplate the Flow of Life. Having a background and a passion in hospitality, Lorenzo really appreciates good and genuine food.


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