"Shine your Light" Guided Meditation

How to stay in contact with your Light to co-create with Joy

The guided meditation "Shine your Light" helps you to:

  • Be more vital, focused and full of Energy
  • Be more relaxed and in touch with your Intuition and Creativity
  • Be more in the Flow of life and aligned to your purpose
  • Be more connected to your Inner Being and to the Energy that creates Worlds
  • Attract synchronistic events and magical opportunities: the more you are in the Flow of life, the more you attract what you want effortlessly

Buy the meditation

Saggezza Interiore

27,00 euro

The forgotten ingredient to manifesting is releasing resistence, which means allowing your desires into your life.

The best way to do it is by meditating, as you let go of your resistant thoughts and open up to receiving mode.

That’s why we’ve created a guided meditation to help you on a daily basis to allow more and more of your heart’s desires.

The meditation “Shine your Light” is appositely designed to bring:

-Synchronicities and Magic in your Life!


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