Welcome to School of Light, the online Educational Center of Cascate di Luce’s Community

where people like you -who endorse Shine your Light’s values- love to shine their Light, considered as the most authentic expression of the self. Be part of this community means sharing similar views of life and learn from each other’s paths, doubts, dreams and -most of all- the desire to became more and more an intentional creator of its own life experience.

When you Shine your Light you:

– Live every day with joy and fulfilment

– Love the wonder that you are

– Enjoy happy relationships that add value to your existance

– Discover your talents, the colours of your Soul

We are here to help you better understand the dynamics that block your energy, such as:
 – The tendency to blame the outside (the others, the situations …) for what is still not working in your life
– The trap to remain anchored to the judgment of others as an excuse for you not to take off – playing “small” and not “big” for fear of being “too much” or “not enough” – the fear of expressing who you really are
– The fear of not being able to manifest what you desire : a partner, an ideal job, a project or a lifestyle …
School of Light is a space of light, a lighthouse that illuminates providing support and offering you clarity, whether you’re looking for:
-Your soulmate
-Balance, understanding and passion in your couple
-The purpose of your life: your talents and how to make them flourish
– A very satisfying relationship with those around you-your circle of friends/co-workers/clients  to co-create together at its best
-A more effective way to meditate and let your desires to manifest effortlessly
We are here to facilitate this, turning your difficulty in opportunities.
You are unique and you are on this earth to express your special potential: your “diversity” is a treasure for all of us and for the whole universe, we want to see you shine! Someone before us said: “The truth will set you free” and we also believe it because if you acknowledge and live your truth, you become free:
– Free to live your talents
– Free to attract and enjoy wonderful relationships and experiences
– Free to manifest the purpose of your life
If you’re ready to live the life that is waiting for you …
We’ll see you in the School of Light!
A luminous hug from Elena and Lorenzo
Get access to School of Light:
sign up below by paying the monthly fee of €49 (to be renewed every month) or by paying the annual fee of €399 (you save €189) and you will receive all the information to access the online sessions. If by chance you couldn’t attend the live group coaching, you will receive the registration and you can ask your questions via email.
We are waiting for you!

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