Wednesday October 26th from 2pm to 4pm

“Happy relationships” Webinar

Wednesday October 26th 2pm to 4pm


“Happy Relationships”

Love is the essence of life, the most powerful force in the Universe and when you let it flow, you can create magnificent and fulfilling relationships with yourself, life and others…


With “Happy relationships” you’ll:


Balance, clear and manifest your desired relationships


Love more by rediscovering the abundance of love that already exists in you


Communicate with great clarity and ease


Live with more confidence, courage and freedom the relationships of your life, starting with the one with yourself

Elena Puntaroli and Lorenzo Sbrinci are authors and inspirational speakers, founders of  Cascate di Luce -Cascades of Light- a leading-edge educational center that teaches joy, freedom, love and creativity, to live with clarity and confidence the relationship with yourself, your kids, your partner, your job, your spirituality … your whole life!

Elena and Lorenzo have designed Shine your Light, a solar and innovative method to inspire a rich and joyous life by remembering that everything is possible: a crystalline vision on emotions, ways of thinking, relationships and purpose of life to live the life that your heart desires.

Elena and Lorenzo are two light beings that are inner teachers of the science and soul of light: a unified force that cohere the essence of love into life. They are the pioneers of now, into the future, who care and share for the quality of life of all human beings, to live as an enlightened race.

Dr. Krishna Madappa

Educator and researcher, Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability


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