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We are Elena and Lorenzo


14 years ago our journey began, undertaken and dictated by our desires that led us to achieve what we felt inside, opening ourselves to wonderful experiences in the world and living in enchanting places.

Thus, we founded Cascate di Luce to educate to listening and self-expression, to creatively live the desires of the heart.
We have published various books on education, happiness, spiritual evolution and the Law of Attraction, inspiring you to live authentic relationships – above all honoring that with yourself – and the meaning of life.


A daily commitment 

We share a profound love and a deep, caring understanding -often telepathy- for each other. We are daily committed to deal with whatever shows up from within, the quintessence of the harmony between the sacred feminine and masculine.
Having processed a lot in our relationship, we support other couples on their spiritual journey who are experiencing distance or a crisis,
find each other again (or to let each other go).

The spark of who you really are: Light


Our greatest talent is to understand the multidimensional being to re-awaken the spark of who you really are, Light.

This process – also called Ascension – is about releasing what is no longer necessary to your spiritual evolution, making you feel lighter.
This ever-expanding awareness along with a deep sense of peace and fulfilment is priceless! 


I’m Elena,

Inspirational author and modern alchemist, dedicated to uplift and empower other spiritual teachers, educators, lightworkers, healers, soulful entrepreneurs, ambassadors of new ways of living and truth seekers, with the visionary method “Shine your Light”.
I have been a priestess in Avalon and Lemuria and a wise leader in different cultures and lifetimes. I am here to share my ancient/current gifts of heart to heart communication and balance between the divine feminine and masculine to restore harmony. 
Co-create Paradise on Earth with a new education -Education of Light- along with creative ways to enjoying happy relationships and soul purpose, inspiring the kids and adults of the New Earth to thrive.
I am a Starseed from Mintaka and I am in love with crystal clear waters, rainbows and beauty. I transmit the highest frequencies of the Universe -love and appreciation- through my words and deep presence to re-connect you with your Divine and Magical Essence.
Having lost and given away my power more than once, I learnt a lot about taking back my Soul Power and how to facilitate this path to others. I have always felt that I was here for a reason, though it has been a journey to find my place on Earth. At 17 years old I was on a mission in the Amazonas, Brazil, as I always felt drawn to offer hope to others. I received plenty of strength from the indigenous people and I realized that my “mission” was elsewhere. I wanted to bring my sunshine to those who really needed it, the people in western societies who forgot how to laugh and play, so I studied and practised psychology. Other training followed: naturopathy, shamanism, body-mind therapy and lightwork (the list is much longer).
I was so thirsty of “remembering”, that life experience, mother nature, my inner voice and spiritual guides -my greatest teachers- guided me to fulfil my destiny.
The Teachings of Abraham-Hicks are the foundation of my work from which I have developed “Shine your Light” with Lorenzo.
If you feel a resonance with my “rainbow frequencies” I’ll be honoured to be a blessing to you and your evolution.


I’m Lorenzo


I am a spiritual teacher and I am here to help you stay in contact with your Inspiration, the broader part of you that knows you very well. You can count on this inner guidance to understand the power of your thoughts and the role of your emotions, to make daily and big decisions by living momentum and taking inspired action.

Developing a deep sense of appreciation and allowing well-being, you attract more goods and open up to experience true joy.

I felt the calling as a spiritual teacher since my childhood.


After living the first part of my life following the tradition of my family, which gave me a great sense of practicality, my calling brought me on a very different path and a whole new journey began, also physically, travelling to places that I had never visited before, which led me to know a new part of me, what I define Inspiration.

My days always start with meditation, “inner listening” that continues during the day to amplify appreciation and well-being.

Thanks to my inspiration, a path of evolution have been gradually traced, where the pieces I need and ask for, always arrive at the right time and, I can also say, in the right place.

I am a Starseed from Arcturus and healing at 360° is second nature to me. I have navigated big shifts and life changes and if you’re in transition or need clarity I can support you. I know that along the path there’re roadwork and blocks: I had to let go of my old identity and attachments to become who I’m today.

I use the metaphor of the hot air balloon to describe life as a journey, remembering precious information and tools to empower relationships and life’s purpose. Let me help you to best acknowledge your Inner Compass to live your expansion and evolution to the fullest.

I adore trees

My shamanic name is “Tall Oak”

My daily practice

I meditate on the Flow of Life

Exploring together

We laugh and play like children

“Elena and Lorenzo are two light beings who are inner teachers of the “science and soul” of light. Their passion for steering the direction of education and the significance of life, is the guiding force that has penetrated into the core of Elena’s and Lorenzo’s being. These two are the pioneers of now into the future, like a unified force that cohere the essence of love into life.”

Krishna Madappa

President & Co-Founder, Institute for Science, Spirituality & Sustainability Taos, NM USA


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