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Welcome to Cascate di Luce from Elena and Lorenzo! 

We have founded Cascades of Light to inspire you to listen to and creatively express yourself and live your heart’s desires.

We have published several books on education, happiness, spiritual evolution and the Law of Attraction, inspiring to live authentic relationships – especially honouring that with oneself – and the meaning of life.

Our greatest talent is to understand the human soul in all its multidimensional facets: this allows us to give our best by working as inspirational guides using the method that we have designed “Shine your Light” to facilitate the connection with the Inner Being, as the privileged way to knowledge, happiness and fulfilment.

We have studied various disciplines in Italy and abroad including body mind psychology and counselling, Lightwork, naturopathy, pranic healing and several types of massages, personal and spiritual growth and channelling, to name a few.

The greatest contribution has been to apply the theory to life and our personal desire for consciousness expansion – which put us in touch with guides (physical and non physical) who supported us in turning points.

Our journey has been inspired by our heart’s desires and lead us traveling and living in enchanting places.

We are totally committed and dedicated to help remember -those who are attracted by our teachings- how to connect to the Energy that Creates Worlds, to co-create a colorful life in total alignment with your own spiritual evolution.

If you’re in transition and need some clarity on your next steps, we can support you to get back to your inner Source or Being and access all the guidance and strenght you need. We know that along the path there are “roadwork and blocks” so it become essential to know how to move beyond them.

We have had several difficulties since we had to let go of our old identities, attachments and limiting beliefs that were no longer aligned to who we were becoming.

It can be hard, but the new awareness of yourself and your Soul Power, along with a deep sense of peace and fulfillment, it’s priceless! 

Hi, I’m Lorenzo

I am a spiritual teacher and I am here to help you stay in contact with your Inspiration, the broader part of you that knows you very well. You can count on this inner guidance to understand the power of your thoughts and the role of your emotions, to make daily and big decisions by living momentum and taking inspired action.

Developing a deep sense of appreciation and allowing well-being, you attract more positive things and open up to be more joyous.

I felt the calling as a spiritual teacher since my childhood.

After living the first part of my life following the tradition of my family, which gave me a great sense of practicality, my calling brought me on a very different path and a whole new journey began, also physically, traveling in places that I had never visited before, which lead me to know a new part of me, what I define Inspiration.

My days always start with meditation, that I call inner listening, and that continues even during the day, in order for me to adhere to my inner dimension that expands my feelings of appreciation and the way I perceive my life and my self.

Thanks to my inspiration, a path of evolution have been gradually traced, where the pieces I need and ask for, always arrive at the right time, and I can also say in the right place.

I use the metaphor of the hot air balloon to describe life as a Journey, remembering precious information and valid tools to navigate change, relationships and life’s purpose.

Let me help you showing how to best acknowledge your Inner Compass to live your expansion and evolution to the fullest.

Elena and Safira

I adore exploring Earth’s wonders and embracing her loving creatures 


I like to contemplate and meditate on the Flow of Life, where time and space dissolve…

Elena and Lorenzo

We laugh and play like two children and beauty and harmony amaze us

We are starseeds from two wonderful stars, Mintaka from the Orion’s Constellation – Elena – and Arcturus from Boote, Lorenzo.
We are here on Earth to offer healing and wellbeing through innovative modalities that re-awaken the spark of who we really are, Light.
This process – also called Ascension – is about releasing all that is no longer necessary to our spiritual evolution, making us feel lighter so that we can live more and more from a space of Love and Connection.

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