Education of Light

Education of Light is an original and innovative educational paradigm that is inspired by the most recent discoveries of quantum physics, concerning the endless creative possibilities of the mind, associated with the emotions.

It is education to the wonder and the beauty of life, an invitation to the expression of the self and of the talents, to live a happy and realized life. Through the Law of Attraction and other Laws of the Universe, it reminds us that we are here to attract and allow the life we desire. Science has discovered that learning is more immediate if associated with positive emotions, because when we find enthusiasm in what we do, our heart sings and we are dealing with life in a completely different way, because a new awareness arises. Education of Light is the education for children and adults of the New Era, the Era of  Light; to experience joy, freedom, and love as natural qualities of Being. FB_20140412_18_37_05_Saved_Picture Our intent is to offer this exciting vision to any school willing to adopt or integrate it, by offering lectures and counselling to teachers, parents or anyone interested in embracing such a creative vision!

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