The most important intention to set every day and every moment is to focus on what is most important to you; your desires, something that makes your heart sing, and that is calling you.

This is the easiest way to remember who you really are; Light, that has come to the physical world to manifest itself in different forms.

This is what your soul is seeking and makes you feel good. Set your intentions based on your heart’s desires. What would you like to welcome in your life and what do you stand for?

Don’t think that you do not have the tools, the chance to realize what you want, or that you’re not meant to live your dreams. Because when you feel that life is calling you, you can’t avoid it!

You’re not here to miss your life, you are here to embrace it, to live it, and love it.

At the end of this lifetime, the fact that you have or have not followed your desires will make all the difference. You will not think of anything else, as you’ll clearly see what made your life meaningful and worthy.

So go for your passions, follow your gut, and stand for what you feel. You are not incapable, too old, or too late. This is the perfect time for everything you want or ever wanted. Believe in yourself.

Whether you long for a new relationship or to improve the one you’re in by bringing more clarity and communication, you’re here to make the best possible choices and enjoy the best possible outcomes.

Remember that …

Living life was a choice.

The purpose of such a choice is a joy.

You are an extension of non-physical energy.

You can call the non-physical part within, Inner Being or Soul.

A current of pure, positive energy permeates everything.

It is a flow of wellbeing that affects everything.

You can co-create the life you want with this Energy of Love

You always have the option to choose your thoughts.

The non-physical energy, from where you come from, loves you.

All is well.

My wish is that these words can become a second skin for you, thus you can remember who you really are… Light!


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