Shine your Light Program: Individual Sessions of Light

How can we be a blessing?


We offer a free connection session to discover if we’re a good match to work together, you can book it below.

If you’re ready to change your life, we offer our most comprehensive program of 8 sessions. You can also book a single session if you want to take your time or if we’ve already worked together and you desire a follow up session. 


Let's meet, book your Free connection session (around 30 mins)

with Elena or Lorenzo


Are you ready to live a whole new life experience where you …

– Overcome your struggles

– Wake up in love with your life

– Feel vibrant and full of energy

– Trust yourself and your heart’s desires

– Master your life’s transitions with courage

-Live the life you were meant to live, with great clarity, purpose and joy


This life changing program is for you if…

– You want to trust yourself and your heart’s desires, but you’re unsure how to leave your comfort zone to spread your wings

– You feel stuck and frustrated, yet you know that life has much more in store for you

– You recognize that your fears and self-doubts play a significant role in your life at the moment, but you want to venture far beyond these limitations: you’re ready for magic!

“Elena Puntaroli is a deep, experienced space holders so that true liberation of one’s joy, creativity and imagination can occur. Thank you!!!”

Raimonda Pironti, Montreal

Intuitive guide and artist, Heartistic Playground


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