Shining Together Program: Sessions of Light for Couples

Are you ready to shining together?


We offer a free connection session to discover if we’re a good match to work together, you can book it below.

If you’re ready for a change in your relationship, we offer our most comprehensive program of 8 sessions. You can also book a single session if you want to take your time or if we’ve already worked together and you desire a follow up session. 

Let's meet, book your free connection session!

This path is for couples…

Who seek more clarity and passion and that are willing to solve the blocks or conflicts that limit a heart-to-heart communication with themselves and with the partner.

In other words …

-You want to better understand the role you play in your couple

-You want a deeper connection to your Inner Self and with your partner

-You do not feel comfortable living true intimacy with your partner: it is not spontaneous nor relaxed

-You would love to share a common project, but you do not know where to start

-You have lost some enthusiasm and you often go on autopilot

-You seek more Intimacy, Love and Connection on all levels

“We have started to live again and we really mean it. It’s so liberating to feel so alive and full of love again. We are enjoying so much the exploration of new possibilities in our relationship and in our lives. Thanks so much for your support!”

Elisa and Simone



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