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Rainbow Light School teaches the great role that emotions play in your life as they are an indicator which helps you to recognise the degree of resonance you have with everything. Recognising this simple yet not-so-used mechanism, offers you the certainty that you can always rely on yourself to feel what suits you best. This releases a great deal of self-confidence and power because you acknowledge your own voice: a priceless gift!

Having fun is one of the foundations of this new model and this is encouraged and supported by science (Neuroplasticity studies) which has discovered that learning is more effective and immediate if associated with positive emotions. Learning is a spontaneous process that stems from the natural desire of each human being to always be something more, living life as an adventure.

The curriculum is co-created by the teachers and students according to the universal principle, “Ask and It is Given”. In other words, the curriculum arises from the points of attraction and desires of the teachers and students.

Rainbow Light School is an inspiring way to see life and its wonders through the eyes of Source. This always happens whenever you feel love, passion, excitement, freedom, joy, expansion, power, vitality and possibilities .

This is the education of the new century, a practical school to master your thoughts, emotions, relationships, career path and every life experience you choose to live. It is the education for the children and adults of the New Era, the Era of Light; for experiencing joy, freedom, and love as natural qualities. It is a place to co-create uplifting emotions and new combinations of words that create new relationships, new businesses, new visions and new ideas : a new society.

Rather than teaching children how to perform, we teach them how to be happy, because when they are in a state of joy every action that follows is in flow, inspired, effortless. We teach that they can be much more productive when they first align their thoughts with who they really are before taking action. This is true alignment, true productivity because the actions come from love and not fear of judgement and this brings every possible bliss .

We teach how to feel good, how to be happy and in flow. We give a lot of attention to the journey, rather than the manifestation, because we spend most of the time journeying. Manifestation is inevitable, as we are creators and if we stop worrying so much about this final destination, we can have more fun during the trip. The meaning of life is in living joyfully, at least most of the time 😉


The children book series “The travels of Palloncino” “ is at the Soul of “Rainbow Light School” a leading-edge educational paradigm inspired by Quantum Physics and the Teachings of Abraham for the New Earth, Starseed, creative and colorful Souls who are here to co-create beauty, love, joy, freedom and infinite possibilities.

Rainbow light School Video Series 


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