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Shine your Light



Let your INSPIRATION guide you

towards HAPPINESS and


Shine your Light is an original way to enjoy happiness, spiritual evolution and the law of attraction

If you are in doubt or frustration and try to manifest from that space, you only make things worse. But if you first access your Soul Power – abundance of alignment, joy, freedom and love – you access the Energy that Creates Worlds, the Flow of Life.


From this space of trust and openness, you become a natural magnet because you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Become who you really are – Light – whose purpose is shining!

Hello Light Shiner,


We are Elena and Lorenzo and we have designed Shine your Light a creative and innovative vision to deal with doubt and lack consciousness that can prevent you from being and doing what your heart truly desires.
It helps you recognize the role of fear – which can support your desires, instead of hindering them – and other emotions in the light of the Law of Attraction, to give voice to who you really are and finally soar.

We are experiencing a time of great change that is not always easy to navigate because we are called to let go of what is no longer needed in order to open up to the new – our true magnificent essence and Soul Power – to live a pure happiness that flows when we live in alignment with our spiritual evolution.

To support you in this we have created the video series “Shine your Light” that you receive by registering for free to the newsletter above

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“Elena and Lorenzo are two light beings who are inner teachers of the “science and soul” of light. Their passion for steering the direction of education and the significance of life, is the guiding force that has penetrated into the core of Elena’s and Lorenzo’s being. These two are the pioneers of now into the future, like a unified force that cohere the essence of love into life.”

Krishna Madappa

President & Co-Founder , Institute for Science, Spirituality & Sustainability Taos, NM USA


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