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The episodes of the series “The Travels of Palloncino” soon available!


"The arrival of Palloncino"

“The arrival of Palloncino” is the first book of the children’s series “Palloncino”. It is a heartwarming tale about a Fatherballoon & Motherballoon that express their desire to have a beautiful Palloncino. So they go to the Sun to ask for a Ray of Light to give them Palloncino.

Palloncino reminds of a world full of magic, joy and fulfilled desires, where all is possible.

Lear more about “Education of Light, a creative vision for a school based on desires”:the educational model that inspires Palloncino!

"The first flight"

It is an exciting moment: Palloncino experiences his first flight! He learns how to fly freely in the Skies of Possibilities through remembering the Source of Love that he comes from and integrating this with the understanding of his Inner Compass, a way to listen to his emotions and choose his travels.


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